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Review topics Important Concepts of Environmental Geology Definitions of uniformitarianism, in terms of geology and environmental geology Concepts: evaluation of risk, reversible vs. irreversible catastrophe, positive vs. negative feedback mechanism, sustainable resources vs. mining (renewable vs. non-renewable), Earth’s cyclical processes, scientific processes, attitudes of common good vs. personal gain Formation of solar system and Earth: date and description Earth layers of crust, mantle core Evolution of life, progression of atmosphere composition Air Pollution Types of sources of air pollution: stationary vs. mobile, point, fugitive and area stationary sources Types of pollutants: gas, liquid or solid, toxins, primary and secondary Sulfurous smog vs. photochemical smog (primary vs. secondary) Air pollutant examples: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, ozone, VOCs, particulates Features of urban air pollution: dust dome, inversion layer Air pollution controls: scrubbing, low-sulfur coal
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