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CSE 230 solution to assignments - ICS 233, Term 072...

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ICS 233, Term 072 Computer Architecture & Assembly Language HW# 2 Solution Q.1. Carry out resulting from addition of unsigned numbers can be used to check if the result of addition is incorrect. Write the shortest sequence of MIPS instructions to determine if there is a carry out from the addition of two registers $t1 and $t2. Place the carry out (0 or 1) in register $t0. When adding two numbers and there is a carryout this implies that the result must be smaller than each of the added operands. Thus, we can use the following sequence of instructions to check that we have a carry out: add $t0, $t1, $t2 sltu $t0, $t0, $t1 Q.2. Write a MIPS assembly program that asks the user to enter an integer, reads the integer and then displays the integer representation in both binary and hexadecimal, assuming 32-bit representation. A sample execution of the program is given below: Enter an integer: -5 Number representation in binary is: 11111111111111111111111111111011 Number representation in hexadecimal is: FFFFFFFB .DATA prompt: .asciiz "\n Enter an integer:" msg1: .asciiz "\n Number representation in binary is:" msg2: .asciiz "\n Number representation in hexadecimal is:" table: .asciiz "0123456789ABCDEF" .TEXT .GLOBL main main: li $t3, 32 # Printing prompt message to read an integer li $v0, 4 # system call code for print string la $a0, prompt # loads address of prompt into $a0 syscall # print the prompt message # Reading the integer. Read integer is stored $v0 li $v0, 5 # system call code for read integer
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CSE 230 solution to assignments - ICS 233, Term 072...

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