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Evolution Paper Assignment

Evolution Paper Assignment - Frank Chin 106139921 Why Does...

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Frank Chin 106139921 Why Does The Yellow-Eyed Ensatina Have Yellow Eyes? Batesian Mimicry Of Pacific Newts (Genus Taricha ) By The Salamander Ensatina Eschscholtzii Xanthoptica Shawn R. Kuchta, Alan H. Krakauer, and Barry Sinervo April 2008 p. 984-990
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What general evolutionary process (e.g., speciation, adaptation, genetic drift) are the authors trying to understand? An adaptation is a process where a population undergoes changes in certain characteristics or traits to become better suited for a particular environment. Generally, an adaptation grants an increased chance of survival for a certain population. One form of adaptation is known as mimicry. Mimicry is where two or more different species appear similar to each other, thus providing protection for one or each of the species. The salamander, Ensatina eschscholtzii, and many of its subspecies are hypothesized to have evolved mimicry in order to confuse its predators into believing they are a highly poisonous group of newts (genus Taricha ). The authors are trying to determine if the salamanders are following the Batesian or Müllerian forms of mimicry. In Batesian mimicry, the mimic has evolved traits or signals that are similar to the model, but does not have the actual defense mechanism that makes the model unappealing to predators. This allows the mimic to increase its chance of survival as predators will confuse it for the model and avoid consuming it. Basically, in a Batesian mimicry scenario, predators will learn
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Evolution Paper Assignment - Frank Chin 106139921 Why Does...

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