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marketing final - Jason Frankel Marketing Final December...

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Marketing Final December 15, 2009 Marketing Final 1. A product that I co-brand with is the TGI Friday’s Jack Daniel’s sauce. The barbeque sauce is used on a wide variety of items on the TGI Friday’s menu, and the menu even includes its own section dedicated to the “Jack Daniel’s Grill.” Products like ribs, steak, and grilled chicken are featured items on this menu. The reason I co-brand with this product is that I am part of both target markets from each brand individually. TGI Friday’s advertises in a way that appeals to family gatherings for dinners and specifically males. They have commercials where you see four men sitting around a table eating ribs and chicken wings. They compete with other low-priced, in-and-out, quick service restaurants like Chili’s and Applebee’s. The menus at these restaurants are vast, and pretty much anyone can find something they like there to eat. However, most people know walking into any of these restaurants that the food is not incredibly healthy, and the food options are typically more “manly” food (burgers, steak, ribs, etc.). This is where Jack Daniel’s comes in to reinforce those “manly values.” I think TGI Friday’s really benefits from this joint co-brand because of the strength of the brand Jack Daniel’s has. Teaming up with them makes TGI Friday’s appear more credible, and this line extension with the new product promotes a higher quality food that will resonate with the TGI Friday’s brand. Also, Jack Daniel’s benefits slightly as well. Although their brand clearly has a stranglehold on its target market and has positioned itself very well in the whiskey market, they are branching out to strengthen that name even more. Jack Daniel’s has a perceived notion that it is more southern, but TGI Friday’s are everywhere in the country. Jack Daniel’s will be able to reach that middle-aged man in Boston, Chicago, or anywhere in the north because of this co-brand. I am by no means a healthy eater, and I do enjoy going to types of restaurants like Chili’s and TGI Friday’s. With the Jack Daniel’s sauce attached to the barbeque sauce at TGI Fridays, however, it has a psychological advantage over Chili’s any day of the week. When I think Jack Daniel’s, I think southern men, drinking a classy whiskey. Jack Daniel’s heavily promotes how their whiskey is distilled in their barrels, and their marketing just makes men of my nature feel like I’m getting something special when I drink Jack Daniel’s. With the name attached to TGI Friday’s barbeque sauce, that psychological perception translates to the burgers, steak, and ribs at TGI Friday’s. It makes me feel like I am eating a higher quality burger or steak. I do not know how much different the Jack Daniel’s sauce is in comparison to the old TGI Friday’s sauce, but I doubt it is much different. Nevertheless, I have a perceived notion in my head that this product is going to taste better because of the brand equity the Jack Daniel’s name provides. 2. A. Segmentation and Target
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marketing final - Jason Frankel Marketing Final December...

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