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Marketing Homework 3 Jason Frankel September 14, 2009 My primary VALS type was an Experiencer, and my secondary VALS type was an Achiever. I think these are relatively accurate descriptions of who I am, however, I would put Achiever as my primary type and Experiencer as my secondary. I have always felt that when I pursue something, it is because I am looking to achieve something, which is the definition of an Achiever. Then, I think my energy and excitement (Experiencer) complements that push to achieve something. For example, as a member of a Fraternity here on campus, I have become invested in it over the past few years. Additionally, I have seen the inner workings of the fraternity, and I am have noticed that we allocate our dues to things I believe to be allocatively inefficient. My achiever side wants to change this and find the best way possible, and my experience side is putting that energy in me to go and find the best allocation. I did the same thing in
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Unformatted text preview: High School with certain groups that I was in, and I have the same approach to group projects at school. So I do think as far as my personality goes, I do match the types I was given by the survey. My consumption patterns also align with the typical Achiever and Experiencer. I do have many wants and needs, and I am often looking for new, innovative things to help me improve on what I am achieving. In the next five to ten years, I do not think my personality types will change. I have been proactive, creative, energetic, and sometimes obsessive about certain ideas, and I do not think that will change. I think as I get older and move on to a job I will try to take those traits and apply them to the company I am working for. Also, I would love to start my own business one day, and these qualities are essential in that process. So if anything, over the next decade, my VALS types will only get stronger as I get a job and try to impact the company I have joined....
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