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Test Material review sheet - Test Material Tuesday January...

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Test Material Tuesday January 20 1. Know the difference between comparativist and area specialist. a. Comparativists compare the similarities and differences between countries. They do not like uniqueness because “it cannot be compared and is therefore beyond their ken.” Comparativists use each country as an example and try to explain all relevant examples. b. Area Specialists believe the best way to understand a country is to “immerse yourself in its history and culture.” 2. What does Reed say a rationalist and common sense scientist are? a. Rationalist- believes that people are capable of correctly analyzing their situations and coming to accurate estimates of the optimal strategy for maximizing their self interests. It assumes people do not make mistakes and they are always thinking in their best interests. b. Common Sense Scientist- understand what is going on around them but have limited information and make several predictable errors. They make mistakes, but they learn from them through experiences. 3. Does Reed consider Japan to be unique? a. No, it is often misconstrued as being unique. Yes there are many differences, but those differences are overemphasized for 2 reasons. 1- people compare only Japan and US, 2- people tend to compare Japanese reality to Western models, not Western reality. 4. What are some unusual features of the US and Japan? a. Japan’s GNP is massive in comparison to countries its size. US is incredibly dangerous. 5. Why does Reed believe Japan’s differences are often overemphasized? a. 3 reasons- History, geographical location, US-Japan trade frictions. Once they lost WW2, they started to compare themselves to the US instead of the Western Europeans. They lost their empire, and their was psychological impact of losing war and returning to home
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islands. Japan is located right next to the US, so it will compare itself to them, not the Western European countries. US demands so much from Japan even with Japan being so much smaller than US. 6. What is the fundamental attribution error and what is an example of this? a. Attributing 1’s actions based on something that is not the case. It is a false assumption about people’s thought process. We assume things before we fully understand them. Example- assuming people in Japan use an umbrella when it is only misting because they are fags, when in actuality they know that mist can get you wet. Thursday January 22 7. Who is Robert Reisch? a. He was the Secretary of Labor for Clinton, teacher at Harvard, and is an author of books on industrial policy. 8. Who does he say is “us”? a. us” is the workforce of America. What Americans can do, not what companies’ headquarters are in America, is what distinguishes “us” from “them.” 9. What doe Reisch believe is most important for USA to be competitive? a.
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Test Material review sheet - Test Material Tuesday January...

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