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philosophy midterm - Jason Frankel November 3 2009...

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Jason Frankel November 3, 2009 Philosophy 100W The Effects Of Eastern Religions on Western Culture Both Hinduism and Confucianism are religions that the Western Culture has utilized in their teaching practices, yet we have minimized the importance of either lifestyle. Hinduism and Confucianism are both lifelong processes, and we have instead turned them into moral compasses. In the Western culture, we are taught the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The golden rule keeps morality simple. Every moral decision, every action, and every interaction with another could be based on this rule. This rule, especially with Confucianism, has limited our understanding of these religions. Confucians use the golden rule to dictate their life, while we use the rule to simply indoctrinate us into moral thinking. We also simplify Hinduism in a similar fashion. The common religions of the western culture believe that we are here for a purpose. We need to serve that purpose in order to go to heaven, and our life is our chance to serve that purpose. This belief is not necessarily wrong, but it does question whether the western culture is serving its life for the right reasons. The western culture does not need to change religious preferences, but we do need to learn more from these different cultures. We have taken a great deal of information from these two religions, but we are missing out on their major concepts and ideals. First, let’s discuss Confucianism and its effect on Western Culture. The four central concepts of Confucianism are Ren, Li, Xiao, and Yi, and they all focus on central ideas similar to that of the golden rule. The western culture, however, has squeezed these four concepts into 1 main notion. We are missing out on a lot that Confucianism has to
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