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Unformatted text preview: ed eschatology ・ 涮 ∶ 茹° ∶`〖 甜鲈 丨 ∶ ` 春扭 i∶ :∶ !∶ inaugurated cschatolOgy ` C。 real弦 rCvCrsal s Supper/the】 BuGharist/thc]、 ass of小 Ⅱ cca lf∶ :五 、 4卜 Thc CouncⅡ √ △ 奴 肛 压这 扩 Nalne f 一 一 〓 Thc CouncⅡ of Chalccdon Justiflcd by n菹 th alQne Φ ∞ υ ο 一 ≥ ρ 夕 △ 9 日 The priesthood of a11beⅡ ever Vatica.ll II Eastern Orthodox Church The CouncⅡ ofTrent The Prote哎 ant Rcformation Thc Book of Corrmon Praycr Roman Cathol忆 Church g1.The rallying cry ofthis historic movcmcl△ t Was“ scriptwe alone,grace alone,faith alone∶ ’ ’ yL・ 求 哏 默 抨苜 刂 找:硼 糌 镙 括 谳 絮 g涩 甯 r1∶ ):I↓ I丨 r:f;丨 罗 嬲器 l/ yt軎 J彐 , At黯 芦 cil thC]Roman Catholic Church opened itselfup to rcspond to thc issues raised by 红 ⒋ 畲 :dng J蛋 ω脉 讥 w of伍 e end葫 叽 ∞ d涮 洫 Ⅳcnc h Ⅱ吼 ory⒗ rwα ⒃ 伽 curr血 m叩 M~5・ This Ghurcll∞ mmunion ⒍ 畀 黯 段谳淝眨 揽 ::描 烈 u<函 0its p岫 c F】 r∞ and priv狨 e wo阝 hip. h岫 Ho/om⒍ e pCacc盹 w∞ n伽 Rα姓 抓 }・ L v/善 :LⅠ ; This is the beli∶ fthat any otllcr oapt1ZCd believcr1n Jcsus Christ has thc po、 vcr to forgive sin, cⅡ ng℃ ns 竺 里 s∞ G/0Σ ⒏ ⒒盥 l胃蒜 °the又 坐 型 些 uve h the卩 ∞ whⅡ c涮 l∞ 雨 I⒉ 黯万H∶ /V鱼 9.At伽 s∞ un吨 伍 c RornaI△ Catl△ 山 c gmrch respond浏 b the hotc哎 antrcfomc⒖ ,not Works, 王 10,Martin L乱 hcr盯 gued伍 荻 CMsua11s盯 c 多 11.This。 tlle Christian ritc of hitiation. (p/豇 12.This∞ lΞ fle∝ s the∞ … th乩 伍 iction e flrst shall be la虬 and the last flr哎 . 1~13・ JCsus perfornned this for his disciplcs the night beforc hc、 vas arrcstcd and cmcifled。 hc K乙 ngdon1of God is prcsc酞 ,insofar as that is possiblc ugh the sacraments ofthe Church. lat Jcsus Christ was‘ tmly God and truly man,’ a ‘ ’ erson,to resolVe the issucs ofhow Jcsus is related to God the Fathcr,and ofhow d丙 而 〃 aI△d humani〃 in Him, ...
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