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Unformatted text preview: | 丑 I。 sⅠ @@r g〃 jz卫 Λ 扔ε 勿 - MuI住 ple k choice:I△ 。 the a⒒ sWer that best suits the questioⅡ ,and nlIin the relevant )。 Ietter(1point ea山 畔 The sociological function of ritual 嘿F 寺 揽 F昭£ 甙 K healhg ntuals calendar or seasonal rites m龃 sacrⅢ ce Ⅱ \ 双 scapegoat i咖 鞲j强拙糍 罴 飞X R。 ThC function of transfoⅡ ato△ IΙ The psychological function of ritual ' 鳙 ・ 糨 a,〗 h免 h⒁ d⒛ ∞ 诫 th a c咖 s,,mb巾 mC洫 鸭 曲 止吒 曲 o哎 找 甯 黯 ~¢ 亠∶ ∶ Δ ;∶ l冫 :、 :∶ 止 y blames a person or 111:;∶ I∶:屋r:⒍ ε 【 Oup f° r a problcm dley themselvcs to which讧 pohts,” ac∞ rdhg夕 ;‘J召 ,饣 η11iqy⒈ s or man at play is responsible£ or r⒈ ua1. 乙、 M型 塑 篷 产 m缸 。 ∞ Ⅱ记 ered ω be a11examplc d血 stype of Ⅱ igions around the wOrld as pan ofthcse. stood to be especially effective at rnediating the ∶ hOly, g。 f mesymb。 lo负 en gather togc伍 er, l1gh ・ be aohicved throl!∶ 血ics create rituals tO copc wrhen伍 ings go badly, /~ΙL11,Ⅱ mhalit,/灬 ∞ ercd sⅡ l△ the se∞ nd of /善 1乱 !也 ・ 叮 血 oa碰 us 红。 Gallhg诣 usu龃 y begm wiWmarked” one of伍 es⒍ /&」 3。 Thcse Ⅱ Ⅱ b11ow a pattcr11⒍ m浏 ually s /各 workhgto clc征 hg outthc evⅡ polhthg ulc old,and g加 c fresh life,fertility and prosperity to伍 e new.ˉ mal worksto harmo蛀 ze all parts of sOocty so伍 at they ensure the contmuity of 14,lVhen Ⅱ socicty and its stmctures, /垂 -《 15.Some rimals work to dar1fy the personal ident1ty of hdividuals as thcy move from one stage of lifc to thc next. P∶ s)16・ l∶ Ⅰ ∶刂 e∶ ust lvhatthey do h life in accOrdance with a s,/mbors1neanhg forthem IFJⅠ 1ction. o刀 m召 刀 ,rneaning,athhg meant or acceptcd,and 平 工 l 1gi鼾 1嬲 找 l描 忿 ∫ 冱 胃 黯 觜瑟盅藓 谎:p灯 f∶ Il∶ 19,s。 metimcs吐 md has a perfoⅢ lative dimcnsion to it,memhgth扯 △achicx/cs something by rcpeathg ccrtau△ symbolic acts and gestures. / 龇 革‰W紧瑟甯找F窜盅喁搬冀 ⒒ reduo吧 d刂 d? ,洫 二 了琵 厂 摞 群骒 糕乾 ⒊ 咖咖dant way d∞ mpcns扯 hg幻r仉 棣 .u叩 ^+” hg涮 &mω 抚 吨 J罂 晗 :m抚 黥莴 £ 里 森 ;摅 刂捻 摞罴 衷 ous r血 z1⊥ :茛 I23.victor Turner focused upon the1△ da″ ⒎ 1勿 J stage of most rites of 歹 ansitiOnal ory切 洵 / passage. J={纟 ' ==Lzz+J蓦 25∶ 嘿 I嘁 y叩 i∶ l;fI∶ l:ljl∶ wad岫 s剐 ° p洫 em d mo⒗ iG舶 mJ岘 舶 m, 半 / 亻 ::ll;∶ 嚣 :l默 ain sacriⅡ ces,probably bccausc mc Onc makhg thc sacri丘 ce has 工 26, The gOal of ritual sacrifice often includes propitiating伍 e spⅡ ts or god(s). :辑 +:7砣 弑 照焦苄 黯嚣髑锶嚣 糊 惑 弘 弘 Cath血 Λ 蓦 串 丶 匕 /亘 \ DIultⅡ le ch0ce for Jud蛀 sm fI poht eachJ: 槠 ξ ∶ 丨 褰 婺 Tanakh 垭 护 谳 、搬 ‰ S。 le The second Temp1e ` Ark ofthe cOVenant T. 迅 、 pa/yanⅡ ulkah I《 j灯ρ Ta11⒒ 正 uJ曰 比 Ω i 化 九勾 ffnggε d四 九 骡黔 丨 许 \ W, Sh筲 at~Mitzvah Mitzvah/m止zvot 洳 q伍 A' 球 Y, ˇ 伤 /〃 】 ∫ ' 淋 s^弼 抵 Yom KⅡ pur・ Rosh HashEm洫 PassoVer The naIne of伍 e Jewish Bb⒗ . `z.\ 询 2.The name ofthe Je诫 sh traditio11s which hclude sayhgs,stories and kgends. Z~3・ 伶 The m1ne σ the JeW灬 h New Yea⒈ . /`型苎The my σtomme刂 A / e reIig1on from about950to586B.C。 £ h Theaxismundi(center or focus)of ancient IsraeI“ /丿 殳 6. A stmcmre毗 血 dle垣 亟 DwhichcopiesoftheTorahareplaced, /∠ 'f1nchdes Rendescrbed as my雨 cal)handed down frOm the s Ⅱ oteoctea山 炖 and sto屺 ω s 彐 lz阝 . A tern△ that rnea11s burnt offermg and refers to a speciflc periOd of gqnocide。 ;or Hebrews from bondage in Egypl。 e JeWlsh scrV缸 res,paⅡ cularly i“ gal ℃ traditio11s, 靼L13・ at addresses the one,holy God during mor止 ng and e搬 lI∶;蛋 ::t recited by JeWs伍 乙 14。 The fall festivd伍 at celebrates the fall haⅣ est,and∞ In1nemorates the temporaw shelters used by1he JeWs Whne they wandered h the咖 s。 臼 15.Am。 vement伍 at works to promote and protect me Jewish home1and. 上师.The mσ 。 Κ 四 w1Fle::1jI∶l1ilng of me℃ m is伍 e丘 rst fl△ 「 books of me B⒒ △ for Jews. e e ,The血 s。 f血 i荻 on蚰 adu弛 om forJew⒌ 上 1:・ A prayer shaw1. The r⒒ e that cO1rmemorates伍 e Jewish liberation from oppression in Egypt, /~g,9。 亻⒛ 卫 /1h1. Ⅳ ⒈ sh Je、砬 women and men aⅡke are cO11manded to respect the and keep⒒ holy. This∞ nta血 four tmy rolls of parchment wi伍 brief唧 塑 t1oIls打 om the Tor洫 hscribed on them, WⅡ te an essay answeohg one ofthe fol1owing questons(30pohts)。 Name and descrbe the four mah movements of oontemporary Judaism,(Ushg∞ examples of their tlifferences Wm strengthen your arlsWer.) ncrete 2. Write an essay elabora山 名 the namre of JudⅡ sm,ta晚 care to descrbe⒒ s histoocal eVo1ution. 3. Both AViVa Cantor and Judith PlaskoW Ce)血 terpretthe my由 of Lilith to demonstrate how ⒒conveysthe stmggles ofwOmen to be deemed ofequal value and power asrnen. Analyze how one(or,f you w“ h,bodl of them)does(do)th′ .What arguments do伍 ey offer? 冂 experiences do uley appealto?What does this myth disclose to you aboutthc namre Lat `、 of your own life and experience? ∽ 冫 /ol '〃 》 ζ娥 蹁 ・ 酬 绉 扌△ 4 ...
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