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A1 The Crossing Concepts Case

A1 The Crossing Concepts Case - THE CHARLES E VIA JR...

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THE CHARLES E. VIA JR. DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program CEE 4014 Estimating, Production and Cost Engineering Assignment - A1 The Crossing Concepts Case A Virginia Tech alumnus has indicated that he would like to follow a long family tradition and have his son, who is just starting his junior year in high school, attend Virginia Tech. He has also indicated that he would like the University to solve the delay and safety problem associated with students crossing the road just north of Patton Hall when they walk from the Drill Field to McBryde Hall. He has indicated that he would like this done before his son comes to campus and has pledged to pay for any design and construction work as a gift aimed at improving the quality and safety of student life on campus. Assignment Your team has been retained by the University Architect to develop a conceptual scheme that
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