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Version C Key Spring 09 - M ultiple c hoice q uestions e...

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Multiple choice questions each worth 1 pt. Choose the one best answer. Bubble in Version C on your Scantron Form. Station 1. 1. These plants belong to the same species of Brassica. You saw them in the lab on natural selection (Lab 4). Which pots represent the ideal growing condition? ~-~\;.,,~ ')"'- b. Ban c. D and E d.EandF e, C and D 2. In order for evolution by natural selection to occur, your lab manual listed three @ns that must be met. What evidence would indicate that there is I r tial repr~ one of the Brossica phenotypes? 8. yellow and green plants, on average, produce the same number dJ of flowers ants that are green always produce offspring that are green c. een plants produce more seeds on average then the plants -<;eeC"i~'<; ~'~~" t d. green plants in treatment 0 do grow taller than the yellow-green plant in treatment 0 w,c.,., e< <"eO;. .. \t-o ~ C'-"""{l"'~ t- . ..... e. the number of flowers in green plants when grown alone is moret>. than when grown with other green plants - ~<A'<"-- (i!."" 0'- Q.III\1 fQ.\·,. t, 401 3. In order to test if green plants grown under the best possible conditions have greater fitness than green plants grown with intermorph competition what would be the most appropriate comparison? a. the average number of flowers produ.£Cid by plants in pot A (9 and B ~&e. VIO+-c;. ..~t"" "roC" U.l\M~e.hh'tA.1 b. t average number of sc;eds produced by pllJIlts in pot B \0 and potC 9~ Q"'~t- ~,~ (:),\o. .v'\C. . (("v-l~.~ c. the average number of seeds produced by plants in pot B ~<ee., and Felt. r1t d. the average number of seeds produced by the plants in pot ~\'Zr><J11 8 and plants in pots A and E . "" e. the average number of seeds produced by plants in pot A ....... 1 r- and the green plants in pots 0 and E '(e' ""-.1\ .,,""" r ",1"' 2
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Station 2. Use the images of the fruit flies to answer the following questions. Recall that in these fruit flies there are two alleles for eye color jS and 5} and two alleles for body color (E and e) and that following is true: S - red eyes Ii: - brown body 4. What are all the possible genotypes that female F could be? 1-7 See;'" nr )Ee Cb~ss:~~ ~S d. SsEe, SSEE e. SSEE, SsEE, SSEe, SsEe flU- ~fW-e.) ~ /7 5. We know the eye color of male A is NOT a contin~us trait because: o rd ~"l",,:c. o. there are only two alleles ror this trait in our flies b. there are intermediate phenotypes \' @hiS trait is delermined by a single locus-1 t<.bt ~Y<j4"C d. the phenotype is determined by the genes on chromosomes 2 ~d3 e. Wait. 1t is a continuous trait. That's a trick question, Mr. Question
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Version C Key Spring 09 - M ultiple c hoice q uestions e...

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