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B IOLOGY 2A E XAM 3 UCD F ALL 2008 B G ERHART S TUDENT N AME ______________ ___________________________________________ ID _____________________________________________________________________ Instructions (4 points): Fill in your name and student ID number on the scantron and the first and last pages of your exam booklet . Be certain that the bubbles of the scantron are filled in with your ID number and the correct version of your exam (found at the end of the Multiple Choice questions). Mark your scantron! Mark the last page (multiformat page) in PEN (answers recorded in pencil will be accepted, but can not be submitted for re-grading). Tear off the last page and turn it in separately from the scantron. B EST OF L UCK ON THE E XAM ! Scoring: Multiple choice (32 questions @ 2.5 points each) = 80 points + Multi-format page (16 points) + following directions (4 pts) __________________________________________________ = 100 points possible
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