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UCSD MAE 118A: Introduction to Energy Systems Prof. G.R.Tynan QUIZ 1 CLOSED BOOK CLOSED NOTES. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES PERMITTED. Current primary energy sources include hydroelectric power, renewable power (mostly wind energy), nuclear power, petroleum, natural gas, and coal. 1. In terms of their relative contribution to current world energy demand, name the top three primary energy sources currently in use today. 2. To one significant figure, give the relative contribution to total world energy demand of the fossil fuels, hydroelectric, nuclear fission and other
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Unformatted text preview: renewables. In the past century or so, the demand for energy and power has been increasing at a rate r per unit time. Suppose this demand is met by a finite energy resource that has a total energy content, Q, and this historical growth rate holds into the future. 3. If humanity began using this finite resource at time t=0 and the power demand at t=0 was P , find an expression that gives the total energy used up to a time, t. 4. Find the length of time T that is required to exhaust the finite resource Q....
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