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1/30/08 Take notes Make sketch- draw environment, victim, and label everything. Include measurements and fixed measurement of location in the room Measurements to fixed objects, fairly detail elaborate later Photography- still and video Be consistent, same way all the time = better for in court Have to be able to write reports Good grammar, vocab People around the area very important Searches are key procedure to gather evidence No set way of how to search Line search- parallel lines and search in the same direction then zigzag until area
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Unformatted text preview: is covered Spiral search Grid search- systematic zigzag in all directions, even overlapping Package or box all evidence or it can be thrown out Keep chain of custody Preserve evidence the best you can, don’t add evidence Caution now to damage evidence or compromise it Use correct container to secure evidence Label all evidence precisely Location of label differs depending what the evidence is Take variety of samples if possible Compare to standards...
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