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PHYS 153 Term 2, 2008-09 Homework 6B Mar. 2 - 6 Problem 1 A 224 Ω resistor and a 589 Ω resistor are connected in series across a 90 . 0 V line. (a) What is the voltage across each resistor? (b) A voltmeter connected across the 224 Ω resistor reads 23 . 8 V. Find the voltmeter resistance. (c) Find the reading of the same voltmeter if it is connected across the 589 Ω resistor. (d) The readings on this voltmeter are lower than the ”true” voltages (that is , without the voltmeter present). Would it be possible to design a voltmeter that gave readings higher than the ”true” voltages? Explain. Problem 2 A resistor with R = 850 Ω is connected to the plates of a charged capacitor with capacitance C = 4 . 62 μ F. Just before the connection is made, the charge on the capacitor is 8 . 10 mC. (a) What is the energy initially stored in the capacitor? (b) What is the electrical power
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