Sample quiz - NAME:_ LAB:_ STUDENT NO._ APSC 150 2008/09 T1...

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NAME:_______________________________ LAB:______ STUDENT NO._________________ APSC 150 – 2008/09 T1 CASE 1: Sustainability in Engineering Design CLOSED-BOOK SAMPLE QUIZ (85 marks) Calculator and computer use are not permitted during the quiz Quiz Instructions: Please be sure to clearly write your name, student number and your laboratory section (in the space marked Period on the scoring sheet) where requested on BOTH the computer answer forms and the question sheets. Please also fill in your student number as instructed on the computer answer form in the ID field area. Please do this NOW! Answers to the MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS MUST be submitted using the computer answer form by filling in the appropriate selection corresponding to your answer with a soft pencil. Only one answer is to be filled in for each question - make sure the box is completely filled. (Note - answers submitted to these questions via the questions sheets will be ignored). Please submit your answer to the essay question on the question sheet in the space provided. Do not exceed this space. Single space writing is recommended. Be sure to turn in BOTH your answer slip and the question sheets with the essay question completed at the end of the exam. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (2 marks each) Choose the BEST response to the following questions. Lecture 1 (Assn 1): Introduction to Sustainability in Engineering 1. A focus area of sustainability in engineering practice is: a) The consideration of impacts of engineering work. b)
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This note was uploaded on 02/03/2010 for the course APSC APSC 150 taught by Professor Naokoellis during the Spring '09 term at The University of British Columbia.

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Sample quiz - NAME:_ LAB:_ STUDENT NO._ APSC 150 2008/09 T1...

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