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Exam 1 bolded terms - Chapter 1 Bolded Terms Communication:...

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Chapter 1 Bolded Terms Communication : the process of creating symbol systems that convey info and meaning (e.g., language systems, dot-dash Morse code, motion pictures, or one-zero binary computers) Culture : the symbols of expression that individuals, groups, and societies use to make sense of daily life and to articulate their values. According to this definition, when we listen to music, read a book, watch TV, or scan the internet, we are not asking, “is this art?”, but are instead trying to identify or connect w/something or someone. We are assigning meaning to the song, book, TV program, or internet site. Culture is a process that delivers the values of a society thru products or other meaning- making forms. Mass Media : are the cultural industries—the channels of communication—that produce and distribute songs, novels, newspapers, movies, internet services, and other cultural products to large numbers of people. Mass communications : the process of designing and delivering cultural messages and stories to large and diverse audience through media channels as old as the book and as new as the internet. Hastened by the growth of industry and modern technology, mass communication accompanied the gradual shift of rural populations to urban settings and the rise of a consumer culture. Digital Communication : images, texts, and sounds are converted (encoded) into electronic signals (represented as varied combinations of binary numbers—1’s and 0’s), which are then reassembled (decoded) as a precise reproduction of, say, a TV picture, a magazine article, a song, or a telephone voice. On the internet’s various web pages, image, text, and sound are all digitally reproduced and transmitted globally. Bloggers : people who post or publish an ongoing personal or opinion journal or log online Media Convergence : the process whereby old and new media are available via the integration of personal computers and high speed satellite based phone or cable links Cross platform : a particular business model that is favored by corporate interests. Under this model, convergence is about consolidating various media holdings—such as cable connections, phone services, TV transmissions, and internet access—under one corporate umbrella. Here the goal is to manage resources and maximize profits better. A company that owns TV stations can deploy a reporter or producer to create 3 or 4 versions of the same story for various media outlets. Senders : the authors, producers, and organizations Messages : the programs, texts, images, sounds and ads Mass media channel : newspapers, books, magazines, radio, TV, internet Receivers : readers, viewers, citizens, and consumers Gatekeepers : editors, producers, and other media managers Feedback
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Exam 1 bolded terms - Chapter 1 Bolded Terms Communication:...

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