Exam 2 bolded terms

Exam 2 bolded terms - audiotape: lightweight magnetized...

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audiotape: lightweight magnetized strands of ribbon that make possible sound editig and multiple- track mixing; instrumentals or vocals can be recorded at one location and later mixed onto a master recordng in another studio stereo:the recording of 2 separate channels or tracks of sound digital recording: music recorded and played back by laswer beam rather than by needle or magnetic tape DVD: a digital storage format that looks like a Cd but has greater capacity, enabling it to hande feature- length films as well as graphics, video, multichannel audio, and interactivity mp3: an advanced type of audiocompression that reduces file size, enabling audio to be easily distributed over the Internet and to be digitally transmitted in real time cover music: songs recorded or performed by musicians who did not originally write or perform them; in the 1950's, cover music was an attempt by white producers and artists to capitalized on popular songs by blacks payola: the unethical practice of recor promoters paying deejys or radio programmers to favor particularsongs over others oligooly: when a few firms control most of an industry's production and distribution resources A&R agents: talent scouts of the music business discover, develop, and sometimes manage performers piracy: the illegal uploading, downloading, or streaming of copyrighted material, such as music counterfeiting: the unauthorized copying of CDs, cassetts, and their packaging bootlegging: the illegal couterfeiting or pirating of CDs, casssettes, and vides that are produced, and/or sold w/o official perission from the original songwriter, perforr, or copyright holder narrowcasting: any specialized electronic programming or media channel aimed at a target audience network: a broadcast process that links, thru special phone lines or satellite transmissions, groups of radio or TV staions that share programming produced at a central location option time: an illegal procedure whereby a radio network paid an affiliate station a set fee per hour for an option to control programming and advertising on that station
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Exam 2 bolded terms - audiotape: lightweight magnetized...

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