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Chapter 7 terms - Constitutive Rules how meanings at one...

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Chapter 7: The Context of Conflict Interaction Context: the interrelated conditions in which something exists Cultural Patterns: a socially shaped framework for viewing the world and one’s role and actions within it Life Scripts: an individual’s expectations of how his or her life will unfold based on his or her past or present experiences Contracts: a document that defines and specifies the expectations of the particular relationship based on the kinds of episodes that occur within the relationship Episodes: Focus on the particular interaction taking place at a particular point in time Content: the decoding of the substance of the message Raw Data: the audio and visual signals that are immediately apprehended by the senses
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Unformatted text preview: Constitutive Rules: how meanings at one level determine meanings at another level Regulative Rule: specify what acts are appropriate given the nature of the relationship, type of episode, and speaker’s intention, one determines an appropriate response Rule-guided behavior: each party is interpreted and responded to by the rules of the other Climate: represents the prevailing temper, attitudes, and outlook of a dyad, group, or organization Rights-Based systems: attempt to establish which party is right based on independent standards accepted as legitimate and fair by parties Power- Based systems : parties attempt to coerce others into doing what they want...
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  • socially shaped framework, senses Constitutive Rules, level determine meanings, appropriate response Rule, present experiences Contracts

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