Chapter 8 terms - Reformed Sinner Strategy the party initially competes then moves into a more cooperative state The next move will depend on the

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Chapter 8: Managing Conflict (How to Collaborate) Normative Model: is a two phase model of conflict. The first stage is differentiation (parties express their differences). The second phase is integration (search for common ground, identify possible solutions, commit to the implementation of a solution). Gordon’s Model for Stating a Problem: “I have a problem. When you do X, Y results, and I feel Z.” This models works for three reasons; it describes the specific behavior, outlines a specific consequence of the behavior, and it states how the behavior makes you feel. Constructive Controversy: stipulates that open discussion of opposing views is most critical for making cooperative situations productive. (Basically conflict is essential for effective cooperation) Experimental Integration: start with a conciliatory or cooperative move, yet not let your guard down so that the other party can take advantage (think tit- for-tat)
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Unformatted text preview: Reformed Sinner Strategy: the party initially competes, then moves into a more cooperative state. The next move will depend on the party (If they cooperate, the cooperation continues. If they compete, the first party moves back to competition) The Five Step Procedure for Managing Conflicts: issue identification, vision, solution generation, solution evaluation and selection, implementation Problem-Purpose Expansion (PPE) Technique: the effectiveness of any conflict management strategy depends on how parties formulate the problems they face (1 st step-format for stating the problem= an infinitive+ object+ qualifier) (2 nd step- reformulates problem statement= use phrases like “we want…” and “In order to…” Subordinate Goal: a common goal that both parties value...
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