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Exam 2 Studyguide - Person-Centered Speech...

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CAS 404 Exam #2: Major Themes/Concepts (Chapters 5-9) Study the key terms for each chapter that are posted on ANGEL in the Study Materials folder. You should understand and be able to explain the themes/concepts listed on this sheet as well as the key terms posted in the Study Materials folder. Chapter 5 Relational View of Power Social Categorization Process Mystique of Power Use of Power in Conflict Tactics (direct application, direct and virtual use, indirect use, hidden use) Relational Control Issue Control Chapter 6 Politeness Strategies (avoid, going off-record, negative politeness, positive politeness, bald on-record) Possible Consequences of Face Loss Possible Consequences of Face-Saving Face-Saving Frames (Resisting unjust intimidation, Refusing to give in on a position, Suppressing conflict issues) Face-Giving Strategies (account, apology, quasi-theory, excuse, justification, disclaimer, counterclaim, conversational repair, remedy)
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Unformatted text preview: Person-Centered Speech Perspective-Taking Position-Centered Speech Chapter 7 Coordinated Management of Meaning Theory (understand theory and know the seven levels of meaning) Climate (definition of, factors that affect climate, measures to generate a more constructive climate) Multiplier effect Types of Dispute Resolution Systems Chapter 8 Navigating Differentiation Moving from Differentiation to Integration Positive and Negative Effects of Conflict Escalation Cultivating a Collaborate Attitude Conflict Management Techniques (Problem-Purpose Expansion Technique, Superordinate goal Strategy, GRIT Strategy) Chapter 9 Third-Party Mandate Types of Third-Party Control Third-Party Framing Strategies (right-wrong, negotiation, underlying conflict, stop) Caucuses Arbitration (binding and non-binding) Mediation (transformative mediation)...
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Exam 2 Studyguide - Person-Centered Speech...

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