Lesson 2 - So what is Feminism anyway How many times have...

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So what is Feminism , anyway? How many times have you heard a woman say “ I'm not a feminist, but …” and go on to identify with some feminist position? So what does “being a feminist” really mean? What, exactly, is feminism? There really is no single definition for what feminism means. This is both the beauty and the challenge of feminism- it is fluid and encompasses a range of different issues . There are some common themes that run through the various definitions that people have given feminism. Here's the short version: feminism is a movement to end all forms of domination in society, it's a perspective that encourages one to think critically about society and it's a theory or set of theories that help us understand power and privilege in society. And now for the longer version: Part 1. Feminism is a social movement whose goal is to eliminate the oppression of women in all its forms. This involves making major social, economic, political and cultural changes in our society. And though it may seem overwhelming, feminists have done a good bit of the work already—winning us a number of inalienable rights like
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Lesson 2 - So what is Feminism anyway How many times have...

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