Lesson 3 - The battle over equality for women is the...

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The battle over equality for women is the longest revolution on record, and one that's caused a fair bit of anxiety. In fact, it has aroused (and continues to arouse) more fear, dread, and resistance than any other group of people fighting for equal treatment in society. Seems like every 50 years, it shows up again, wearing a new outfit but dressed to fight the same war. And when it arrives, it fights hard for10-20 years—it comes on strong with amazing vision and power. Then the visionary dies, the movement fades and it hits the dressing room to change into new garb to fight the next battle. Over the past century, there have been 3 waves of feminism: The 1 st wave of the feminist movement for equality began as early as 1792 with the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft's book A Vindication of the Rights of Woman . At the time, women had few legal, social or economic rights —they had no direct relationship to the law outside of their relationships as daughters or wives. In fact, married women lost property rights upon marriage and women were mostly barred from higher education. Another 50 years passed before the first wave of feminism really gained momentum. It all began with the world Anti-Slavery Convention in London 1840 . When the American women delegates arrived at the conference, they found that they would be required to sit behind a curtain and not be seen or heard! The protest and outrage that followed the
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Lesson 3 - The battle over equality for women is the...

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