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Exam 2 Questions - the fight-flight continuum 8 The meaning...

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CAS 470 Test 2 Review True or False: 1. All of the following are examples of adaptors: hair twirling, nail bitting, head nodding, and leg shaking. 2. According to the textbook, babytalk is a special way of talking where sentences are shot and sweet, the rate of speech is fairly slow, and the pitch of voice is generally low. 3. When walking on a sidewalk you should stay to your left Touch is primarily used to show sexual interest, emotional intimacy and aggression 4. Personal space is not fixed, it's a bubble around you that changes with the situation 5. True or False; You can tell if someone is looking directly in your eyes. 6. Government agencies, industry and community organizations basically determine which kinds of physical and leisure activities people engage in routinely because they control the built environmental structures of a given location. 7. Rejecting and masking fall on the flight-end of the privacy-seeking strategies in
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Unformatted text preview: the fight-flight continuum. 8. The meaning that people associate with touch is bound by the nature of their relationship rather than the context of the touch. Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following is NOT a type of territory when discussing proxemics: A. Public B. Office C. Interactional D. Home E. Body/personal space 2. Which of the following would not be considered a body cue according to lecture? A. Orientation B. Mirroring C. Inhaling D. Leaning Other questions asked: • What is the halo effect? • What are some examples of appropriate touch vs. inappropriate touch between new friends? • How and why do people personalize their space? • What is regulation? • What are adapters? • Illustrators, affect displays, regulators, adaptors, and emblems are examples of ______________ kinesic behaviors. • Name the 6 primary affect displays....
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  • Spring '08
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  • English-language films, A. public B., Inhaling D. Leaning, C. Interactional D., primary affect displays, E. Body/personal space

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