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General Psychology Fall 2007 – Dr. Hunt Classnotes 8 Chapter 6: Memory Memory: Basic concepts encoding storage retrieval 3 stage model of memory Sensory STM (working memory) – How do we increase or extend STM? LTM (long term memory) Procedural memory (implicit) Episodic memory (explicit) Semantic memory (explicit) Encoding long term memory Automatic processing Elaborative (effortful) rehearsal 3 retrieval effects from elaborative rehearsal 1. ‘next in line’ effect 2. spacing effect
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Unformatted text preview: 3. serial position effect Encoding strategies: Encoding meaning Encoding imagery Mnemonic Devices Method of loci First letter 3 Types of Information in LTM procedural memory (implicit) episodic memory (explicit/declarative) Retrieval Recall Tip of Tongue Recognition Retrieval Cues Context Effects Déjà vu Moods and memories Mood congruent State-dependent Forgetting Encoding failure Retrieval Failure - Interference theory Proactive Retroactive...
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