_3, 4-24, more boom and bust.

_3, 4-24, more boom and bust. - Quiz #3, Econ 148, 4-24-09...

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Quiz #3, Econ 148, 4-24-09 1. Excessive scatter of the U.S. population has made us hostage to what limited resources? a. Copper b. Air c. Cement d. A and c e. All the above 2. What makes a typical boom collapse? a. Some huge bank fails, dragging down all the others b. Dishonesty and graft, corruption and licentious living c. The “price-umbrella syndrome” raises the supply of usable land, lowering its value as security behind bank loans d. The Federal Reserve System cuts the money supply, as in the six busts from 1798 to 1893 e. When the tide goes out you can see who’s been swimming naked 3. What is “land-enhancing capital”? a. Capital that raises the market value of the land underneath it, like a modern skyscraper b. Capital used to shift land to a higher use, like houses in former cow-pastures c. Capital that raises yields of land in its current use, as by raising the gross output of cotton per acre (“yield” means output per acre) d. Capital that connects an island to the mainland e. B and d 4. What kinds of “sprawl” are there besides “urban sprawl”? a. Silvicultural sprawl, as capital goes into logging roads for lands that are marginal for forestry, instead of into replanting logged over sites of superior growing potentials b. Prospecting sprawl, as when oil seekers go into deep, deep waters offshore while passing over deposits nearer-in c. B is what occurs when the seekers have secure tenure over the near-in lands, but are racing to establish claims on the remote deposits. B is observed in The North Sea, where most of the drilling occurs close to the boundary lines between nations d. All the above e. B and c 5. At a density of 30,000 people per square mile, what is the base of a square that would
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_3, 4-24, more boom and bust. - Quiz #3, Econ 148, 4-24-09...

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