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Health Syllabus 2010 - Syllabus: Health Economics (Econ...

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Syllabus: Health Economics (Econ 129) Winter Quarter 2010 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1:10-2:00 Sproul Hall 1340 Instructor: Dr. Mindy Marks Office: Sproul Hall 4410 Course Site: ilearn E-mail: Phone: 951-827-4164 Office Hours: Monday 10:30-11:30, Weds. 2:30-3:30 and by appointment Textbook and Readings: Santerre and Neun Health Economics Theory, Insights and Industry Studies 5 th edition. A copy of the 5 th edition of the textbook will be put on reserve in the library. The textbook is designed to supplement not replace class lectures. Do not be surprised when the answers to the homework questions are not easily located within the text. Periodically throughout the course, I will assign readings from outside the book to provide added insight into topics we are studying. Some of these readings are listed in the course outline in italics. All supplemental readings will be made available on ilearn in the Course Materials section. You are responsible for the readings in class discussion and on homework assignments and exams. Please do the readings (from the text and the articles) before class as bonus points will given to students that participate. Course Description: In this course we will learn how to apply microeconomic tools to the study of health and medical care issues. We will examine the special features of medical care as a commodity, the demand for health and medical care services, the economic explanations for the behavior of medical care providers (physicians and drug companies), and the functioning of insurance market. Our discussion will touch upon current policy topics such as health maintenance organizations, insurance reform, price regulation, vaccinations, AIDS policy and cigarettes taxes. We will also be examining the role of and economic justification for government involvement in medical care. Finally, we will use the tools we have learned to review and analyze various proposals for health care reform.
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Course Objectives: 1. To introduce the basics terms, concepts and models used in health economics. 2. To understand the role of economic incentives, competition, and regulation on the functioning of the medical care system and to use this information to assess the economic efficiency and equity of the current system. 3. To understand the institutional change going on in the medical care system and be able to analyze the economic aspects of health care policy issues and reform proposals. Attendance and Class Participation:
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Health Syllabus 2010 - Syllabus: Health Economics (Econ...

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