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HR: Chapter 1 Competitive Challenges and Human Resources Important issues: 1. Competiting, recruiting, staffing globally a. In order to surive they will have to seek business opportunities in global markets b. Competition and cooperation with foreign companies has become an important focal point for business c. The US has imported more than it has exported every year since the early 1970’s d. The impacts of globalization i. Globalization: the trend toward opening up foreign markets to international trade and investment ii. When managers talk about ‘going global’ they have to balance a complicated set of issues related to different geographies, including different cultures, employment laws, and
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Unformatted text preview: business practices 2. Embracing new technology a. With computers unlimited amounts of data can be stored, retrieved, and used in a wide variety of ways b. Virtual workers: work from home, hotels or wherever their works take them c. From touch labor to knowledge workers i. Advanced technology reduces the number of jobs that require little skill and increase jobs that require a lot of skill ii. Knowledgable works: workers whose responsibilities extend beyond the physical execution of work to include planning, decision making, and problem solving 3. Managing change 4. Managing talent or human capital 5. Responding to the market 6. Containing costs...
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