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FDSC 1500 chapter 5 notes

FDSC 1500 chapter 5 notes - • Food choices do change o...

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FDSC 1500 Chapter 5: Nutrition, Attitudes, behaviors Origins of Food Choices o People are not born knowing what to eat however they are born with mechanisms that help them decide when and how much to eat Food choices and preferences o The strong symbolic, emotional, and cultural meanings of food come to life in the form of food preferences. o The symbolic meaning of food Status foods Comfort foods Discomfort foods (brussel sprouts) o Cultural values surrounding food Dietary change introduced int o aculture for the purpose of improving health can be successful only if it is accepted by the culture. Cultural norms are not easily modified o Other factors influencing food choices and preferences Food preferences and selections are also affected by the desire to consume foods considered healthy Food cost and availability Genetic influences
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Unformatted text preview: • Food choices do change o Nutirtion knowledge and food choices o Many people know far more about the components of a good diet than they put into practice o Nutrition, attitudes, beliefs, values “unconcerned” consumers- people who are unconcerned about he connection between diet and health “committed” consumers believe that a good diet plays a role in the prevention of illness • Successufl Changes in Food Chocies • Does diet affect behavior? o Does breakfast help you think better? Lessl ikely to be overweight, better at problem solving o Early exposure to acohol affects mental performance o Iron deficiency impairs learning o Overexposure to lead • Carbohydrates and Behavior o Carbohydrate intake mood and appetite: serotonin and tryptohan • The future of diet and behavior research...
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