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KrebsCycleKey - K inesiology 00L ab 2 Computer ab K rebsC...

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Kinesiology 200 Lab Computer Lab - Krebs Cycle euiz (10 points) KEY 1. Draw all of the steps of the Krebs Cycle ' lnclude alt detairs (su_ch as "**=, "nryres, p;, ATp, GTp, ADp, AMp, NADTNADH, FAD/FADH, CO2, H2O, etc.). . Highlight ail enzymes in yeilow. , Highlight allelec,tron acceptors in pink. . Highlight allelectron donors in blue. . Write any of the following in red: pi, ATp, GTp, ADp,AMp, CO2, HzO. C,r\va.{o sr4rtt\na !(' acetyl CoA I {Y\a[a*e-' oxaloacetate Jo h q&r: n!'ftl I'*q /r-';-> 6ADH + H+ !G ms|eb 11 .Qrrw'oaai \*p .]/ fumarate trADu, ,ucunatt ^\ ( fi rr^,- r.rr,l(rt' Ut+L- t ry succinate Sqrtruo*as{- =---.--*-- succinyf coA 6fi'^ab? cqr- Y nvcLpos'ffiu.,0*qi^*U a 66,4r\a's'-( N A+Dt\t g,f 5uccr^gL(oA\ ffi iboolffi -:) t tsocl+ra:t'e )Ti.::- / urrs&agr no-a --F c*etogfuhrate cl(- Kotogtuta4rdft &hg*voge na".&l- ifulC ()', *e--=o * h&4041- fii? < *" i+j r'
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2. Where in the cell does the Krebs cycle take place? mitochondria 3. FAD is derived from: riboflavin (vitamin 82) 4. NAD is derived from: niacin (vitamin 83) 5. Which enzyme is often used to represent theactivity of the Krebs
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