Lab5 - Lab 5 Is It Hot in Here or is it Just Me...

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Lab 5: Is It Hot in Here or is it Just Me? Thermoregulation. Emily Wozobski EXSC 405 (Lindsey Bogachus, Monday 11:00 am) 23 November 2009
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I. Purpose The purpose of this laboratory was to become more familiar with the process of thermoregulation. During this laboratory experience a metabolic cart was used to collect data concerning respiration and other processes. Temperature data was gathered using both skin and core (rectal) thermistors. II. Results 1. See attached Excel spreadsheet. 2. See attached graphs. 3. (a) At time 0 it should be expected that all measured variables (heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, and core temperature) should be greater in trial 2 (hot/ humid environment) than in trial 1. It is necessary to take measurements before the subjects started exercising because the pre-readings provide a baseline for comparison. Because we have knowledge of what should be happening in the body because of physiologic processes the baseline numbers help to ensure that all of the devices are measuring correctly. (b) During exercise it should be expected that heart would increase as well as blood pressure (systolic pressures should increase while diastolic pressures should remain nearly constant). However, when factoring in the environment this may not always be true. Although we should still expect the heart rate to be higher in the sauna than compared to the control environment, blood pressure should actually decrease in the hot/ humid environment. Exercise in the heat leads to a reduced central blood volume as more blood is directed towards the working skeletal muscle. The fall in central blood volume leaves less blood available for pumping, thus decreasing stroke volume. In order to maintain a constant cardiac output the heart rate increases to compensate for the diminished stroke volume. The reason for decreased blood pressure is that in the hot
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Lab5 - Lab 5 Is It Hot in Here or is it Just Me...

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