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Name ________________ 211 Exam #1 Fall 2004 – 10/6/04 Dr. Ladeji-Osias Instructions: Show all work to be eligible for partial credit. Please attempt all questions. Allotted time – 50 minutes. This is a closed book exam; no notes, textbooks, or calculators allowed. 1. (3 points) Convert the following THREE numbers to decimal (use fractions or three digits to the right of the decimal place): 110101.0111 2 , 19.7 16 , 25.64 8 2. ( 3 points ) Convert 345.76 from decimal to binary AND octal (use two digits to the right of the decimal place). 3. (1 point) Simplify F = A’B’D’ + AB’CD’ + A’BD + ABC’D using the theorems and postulates of Boolean algebra. 4. (3 points) A parking lot attendant wants to remotely monitor if his lot, which can accommodate four cars, is at capacity. Design a circuit that counts the number of 1s present on four inputs (a, b, c, d) and outputs that number in binary using three outputs (x, y, z). For
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Unformatted text preview: example, an input of 0110 has two 1s, so the circuit should output 010. Your design should include the truth table, simplification, and implementation using logic gates. Do you think this circuit is the best way for him to monitor his lot? 5. (4 points) Simplify the following functions, using Karnaugh maps, as indicated a. F = xy +xyz + xy b. F(w,x,y,z) = (0,2,3,5, 7,8,10,11,13,15), obtain SOP expression. c. F(A,B,C,D) = (0,2,5,6, 7,8) + d(4,10,12,13), obtain POS expression. d. F = ABD + ABCD + ABD + ABCD, show all possible solutions. 6. (1 point) Implement F = (AB + CD)E + BC(A+B) using NAND gates only . Do not simplify! Score 1 /3 2 /3 3 /1 4 /3 5 /4 6 /1 Total /15...
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