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EEGR 211 Quiz 2 Fall 2004 Dr. Ladeji-Osias 1. Adders and Subtractors a. (0.5 points) What the difference between a half-adder and a full adder? b. (1 point) Design a half-adder circuit with inputs x and y and outputs S (sum) and C (carry). c. (1 point) Design a half-subtractor circuits with inputs x and y and outputs D (difference) and B (borrow). D and B are computed using x – y. d. (1 point) Design a half-adder/subtractor circuit and show how it works. 2. Implement F(a,b,c) = Σ(0,1,4,7) using
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Unformatted text preview: a. (1.5 points) A 3x8 decoder + logic gate(s) b. (1.75 points) A 4x1 MUX + logic gate(s) 3. Perform the following arithmetic operations. Assume all numbers are in twos complement representation. Verify the validity of your answer. a. (1.5 points) 1011 2 + 0001 2 b. (1.75 points) 1001 2- 0011 2 Question Point 1 a) b) c) d) /0.5 /1 /1 /1 2 a) b) /1.5 /1.75 3 a) b) /1.5 /1.75 Total /10...
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