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Quiz5 - table for this function Show the EXTERNAL...

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Name _______________________ Quiz 5 EEGR211 Spring 2002 – Dr. Ladeji-Osias Instructions: NO CALCULATORS. Attempt all questions to receive partial credit. 1. What is the difference between a combinational and sequential logic circuit? 2. Define the following terms related to clock signals – period, duty cycle. 3. Using a ROM, implement a F = 2N + 3 where N is a two-bit binary number. What is the truth
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Unformatted text preview: table for this function? Show the EXTERNAL connections and size of your ROM (do not show the internal configuration). 4. How many binary cells are in an 8x8 SRAM? Using only 8x8 RAMs, obtain a 32x16 RAM. 5. Determine the values of Q and QN for the circuit shown below. Use a timing diagram to show delays in the circuit. S R Q QN 1 1 1...
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