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HW11 - of the computation(The number of processors should...

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Fall Semester 2008 CS300 Algorithms Homework #11 (due 12/18) 1. High school students have taken the college entrance exam. Using n processors write a CREW PRAM algorithm to count the number of students who marked below the average in O (log n ) time, where n is the total number of students. 2. Let the two Boolean matrices be A and B , and let the Boolean matrix product of A and B be C , then c ij is defined as n k =1 a ik b kj . Show that the Boolean matrix product of two n × n Boolean matrices can be computed in constant time by a Priority-Write or Common-Write PRAM. Specify the number of processors needed and the number of steps
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Unformatted text preview: of the computation. (The number of processors should be bounded by a polynomial in n .) 3. The vector V and W is defined like below. V = { v 1 ,v 2 , ··· ,v n } W = { w 1 ,w 2 , ··· ,w n } We can say that the V is stronger than W , if the number of elements in V such that v i ≥ w i , (1 ≤ i ≤ n ) is more than b n/ 2 c . Using n processors, design the algorithm that determines which vector is stronger. Then analyze the complexity of your algorithm. 1...
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