PA_01_2008_Fall - n of input data i 1(data to sort i 2 i 3...

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CS300 Algorithm Programming Assignment #1 Implementing sorting algorithms GOAL Implement various sorting algorithms. Programming Requirements Language: only C (C++ is not allowed.) Requirements (a) Implement all of the sorting algorithms you’ve learned in this lecture. • Insertion sort • Quick sort • Merge sort • Heap sort • Shell sort • Radix sort (b) Menu-driven interface. Each algorithm has to be selected by menu. Example: Select an algorithm you want to execute. 1. insertion sort 2. quick sort 3. merge sort ……………… 0. exit Select : (c) Input file name is “input.dat”. File format is as follows.
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Unformatted text preview: n (# of input data) i 1 (data to sort) i 2 i 3 i 4 … i n WARNING) File name and format MUST NOT be changed. The input data for radix sort have to be 4 digit numbers. (d) You should print out the intermediate steps of each sorting algorithm. Due date Nov 5 th . 23:59 p.m. Send to [email protected] your source code, executable file, documentation. E-Mail title format: [CS300 PA01 by 20040001] Explanation of your code and method of compilation have to be contained in your documentation file. No delay is allowed...
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PA_01_2008_Fall - n of input data i 1(data to sort i 2 i 3...

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