PA_03_2008_Fall - When you run Boyer-Moore algorithm, you...

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CS300 Algorithm Programming Assignment #3 GOAL Implement Kruskal’s MST algorithm and Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm Programming Requirements Language: only C (C++ is not allowed.) Environment (1): Windows – Visual Studio 6.0 / Visual Studio 2005 Environment (2): Compiler: gcc TA will test your program on the adam server. (*Environment (1) is recommended) Requirements (a) Menu-driven interface. Each algorithm has to be selected by menu. Ex) Select an algorithm. 1. Kruskal’s algorithm 2. Boyer-Moore algorithm (b) Input file name is ‘graph.dat’. File format is as follows. n (# of vertex. Less than or equal to 20) e1 (# of edges) v 11 v 12 w 1 v 21 v 22 w 2 …. v n1 v n2 w n The information about Boyer-Moore algorithm is not included in ‘input.dat’. (c) The input for Boyer-Moore algorithm is made by your keyboard input. Ex) Select an algorithm 1. Kruskal 2. Boyer-Moore
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> 2 Input string: Kaede Reference string: Azusa is older than Kaede
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Unformatted text preview: When you run Boyer-Moore algorithm, you have to decide the input string and the reference string, like the example above. (d) For Kruskal’s algorithm, you just have to print out the final MST and the cost. For Boyer-Moore algorithm, you have to print out each step of the algorithm. Any format is OK if TA can understand your results. Explain your format in your documentation file. (e) You MUST use the O(n G(n)) Union-find algorithm so as to not make cycles in Kruskal’s algorithm. (f) You MUST write a short report on algorithm of Union-find. Due date December 10th. 23:59 p.m. (Wednesday) Send to [email protected] your source code, executable file, documentation. E-Mail title format: [CS300 PA03 by 20040001] Explanation of your code and method of compilation have to be contained in your documentation file. No delay is allowed...
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PA_03_2008_Fall - When you run Boyer-Moore algorithm, you...

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