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the odd couple analysis - and acceptance from his wife who...

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is displayed throughout the film “The Odd Couple.” Though the main characters, Felix and Oscar, share some needs they differ greatly on the basis of their personality. Felix and Oscar are long time friends, but when Felix finds out his wife is divorcing him he tried to commit succide, but his friends intervene and his moves in with Oscar. These two men couldn’t be more different. Felix is very ordered and uptight while Oscar is more of a free spirit and very messy. Both Felix and Oscar share the common physiological needs of food, water, oxygen since it is necessary to their existence. Felix seems to have more of a need for safety than Oscar because he is always concerned with his health and staying safe. It seems like he exaggerates his injuries from when he strains his back and neck to when he is trying to solve his sinus/alerguy problems. He even wears a seat belt to drive in movies. Felix also yearns to fufill his social need of affection
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Unformatted text preview: and acceptance from his wife, who is divorcing him. Oscar, on the other hand, seems to fufill his social need through his friends who are like his family, as displayed in their poker nights. He doesn’t seem to care about his family as much as Felix does since he is separated from his wife and fails to send his monthly alimony and child support checks. In terms of esteems, Felix feels the need for order. He is obsessed with keeping everything in his life clean and tidy which he views as an internal achievement. Oscar feels the need for autonomy, which falls in the internal need of esteem. This is clearly demonstrated when he lashes out at Felix for his obsessive cleanliness and throws a plate of spaghetti over the kitchen sink. Both men don’t seem to concerned with external needs of esteem....
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