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Module 1, Blues - Blues an African American folk music...

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Blues: “an African American folk music genre that developed in the rural American South.” The musical roots of blues begin in Africa: -Work songs, rhythm of music reflects the rhythm of work -Dance music -Folk music, commentary on community members The characteristics of African music were retained in the music of African American Slaves: -Work songs, main difference is language -Field hollers- about daily life -Worship music- private, becomes a big part of rock and roll* The Musical “Building Blocks” of Blues I. Melody: -Blues “scales”- 6 notes, chromatic walk up -“blue” notes- bending of a note, *mimic human voice II. Rhythm: -Steady, strongly accented rhythms -Accents on beats “2 and 4”- swing, galloping feel III. Vocal gestures: -Slurs, Shouts, “bent” notes, sung speech IV. Harmony: Blues “chords” built on 1 st , 4 th , and 5h notes of major scale “Twelve Bar Blues” -“12 bar blues” has a pattern of 12 “bars” or measures - these 12 bars correspond to a typical patterns of chords:
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