Module 2, R&B(2)

Module 2, R&B(2) - R&B and the Influence of Gospel...

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Gospel: a musical root, that runs from country, blues, and rhythm and blues vocals Because rock and roll came directly out of rhythm and blues, this gospel influence will continue throughout the history of Rock and Roll Rhythm and Blues Vocal Style A carry-over of the blues “hollering” style A smooth tenor sound, with well-blended background voices A strong, booming bass as lead vocal A strong powerful, expressive female lead vocal The use of a “talking bass” in the middle of a song The Ink Spots: If I Didn’t Care Released in 1939 A popular, New York based group fro the mid 1930’s The Ink Spot focused primarily on ballads The “walking bass” was one of their trademarks Had great crossover appeal to white audiences The Ravens: Gotta Find My Baby Released in 1950 Although the Ravens influenced younger groups, their success as mostly in What is different about this song when compared to the previous? The Orioles: It’s Too Soon to Know
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Released in 1948 Originally from Baltimore, the group eventually became regulars at the Apollo in Harlem How is this song different from the previous two? 1950s: Popular music had two different categorie of “charts” Pop music charts Rhythm and blues charts These categories featured hits in very divergent styles: 1953, Pop charts biggest hit; Patti Page’s “How Much is That Doggie in the Window”
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Module 2, R&B(2) - R&B and the Influence of Gospel...

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