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Lab report 2 - evaportated My compound x weighed...

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Purpose: To be able to separate the components of a mixture, as well as to be able to determine the mass percent of each component present. Procedure: Please see pgs. 15-16 of General Chemistry Laboratory Experiments, Volume 1 by Judith Casey & Robert Tatz, Hayden McNeil, 2009-2010. Sample Calculations: Report Questions: See attached Conclusion: This week’s lab delt directly with the separation of compoents x, y, and z given the combined sample in a vile. In part A, the goal was to get all the equiptment necessary to perform the lab, weighed. Items weighed included: two watch glasses, 4mL testtueb, glass wool, crucible and cover, and the most difficult part, .6 g of the sample. I
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had a hard time getting exactly .6 g so instead I used .7001 g making my results not perfectly accurate. Part B went more smoothly, when I added the 2mL of dicholormethane to the sample three times and centrifuged the testtube three times. I was able to weigh the organic compound x once the liqued in the watch glass had fully
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Unformatted text preview: evaportated. My compound x weighed about .33460 g. Part C, I added the 2mL water to the solid that had remained in my testtube. After centrifuging the testube three times I was able to gather most of the deccante into the crucible. This component Y in my lab weighed about .22430 g. My sources of error began in the next step which was to heat the crucible containing compound Y. When the Bunsen burner was being lit, the crucible accidently fell off the iron triangle and so some of the component was lost. In part D, I had to heat the solid compoent Z, and I may have put the text tube too close to the flame, allowing my final component to decompose because when I weighed it I only got .02999g which was not a significant amount. After I completed the lab I calculated the percnatge of each compoent getting 49.514% for component X, 32.042% for compenent Y and less than 5% for compoenet Z. Compentents X and Y added together was 81.56%, showing that Z should have been about 18.44%....
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Lab report 2 - evaportated My compound x weighed...

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