Paper # 3 - OSU ID: 200014570 Instructor Name:...

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OSU ID: 200014570 Instructor Name: Jean-Philippe Gouin Class Day/Time: MWF 9:30-10:48 Class Number: 28548 Paper # 3: Psychosocial Factors and Disease Progression in Cancer Article Summary: In their 2007 article, Michael H. Antoni and Susan Lutgendork talk about how psychosocial factors such as personality, stress, and social support relate to differences in disease progression in cancer patients. They discuss the possibility of neuroendocrine substance associated with psychosocial factors that can regulate immune responses to cancer as well as regulate cancer-causing viruses, DNA repair processes, and the metasisis of tumors. Some of these psychosocial factors include: life events, depression, optimism vs. pessimism, emotional expression, denial vs. coping, and social support. Antoni and Lutgendork chose to focus on two aspects of cancer disease progression: the promotion of opportunistic neoplastic disease and the psychosocial processes associated with tumor growth and development. One psychosocial example used throughout the article dealt with
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Paper # 3 - OSU ID: 200014570 Instructor Name:...

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