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2-40 - 2-4 LO 4 m The wage and hour infi'ntmatien Fat...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-4! LO 4. m The wage: and hour: infi'ntmatien Fat five cranium!- of II- Enmhemployw.mmputethe nyhreurningmmrnimt .‘inmja Enurprieel for the 1IIII'eeiI: ended April .3 it given belnw. rate. mime earning. and "Jul pm earnings. Emphayrn truth. a standard dflahuut mimic and an: [13in h. [Ln-“Fun: r11: will I'm earning: finr all cmPlflrfifi. time and nee-half for all hururs over 40 in etch mtlrwtek. lei nee-ah: Hourly Hours Wage Repthe Overtime Overtime Tote]. Greet Butler“ Walked Rate Eur-hing Ewe filming! Eurningl Wilma. H. H IIIJD S I S Aha. C. H 10.20 Shaun. K. {r 9.90 Carlyn. D- 4 I lift Hun hit-Murray. J. 4H ITJD — — [ll] Total firms eitninga ............... 5 2'5. LD 4: Hunter Sebiunn. u 1«waiter at the Twentielh Hole retirement. [1. Pay fijrll'le 4n haun. ._ . . .. . . S wurlted 43'}! been: this unit and eullmnl me: $1550 in tip. ll. Pay Forumtime hum: .. . . . .. 5 The mutant uses the full tip credit against the minimum wage and pays Sabine-n the minimum retinited For fipped emphyeu. Beech-nine his gun pay hunt the restaurant. 2"“ Ln 4-. Cam Fire-en; white-mile: clen'l pk em phyee,statted 1lumen-richlyr 579?,000. and he is paid weekly For a 5-day week. Determine his gran pay liar his first Partial wed: ad'wnth. liar Villa." Company an Thursday Drflli! “melt. H: walked 9 hour: on hath Thunday and Friday. His annual salary is 2-" to I. famie Kerr itan Immiy employee annenan Company lees-red in Lee Angela. Thie- weelt. Kerr had In rmvrl m the en mpdny't regional uH-iee in 5: me Fe. He left Sunday Ill! men and mired in Santa Fe 1:31:30 Ml. During the merit. he worked his unrmal in lam in the Sent: Fe amen: {Monday through Finley—9 m. to 5 net}. In addition. he emailed the mml‘fll‘l‘f’ Bid—haul writ training mission nn-Weidnflday eye-Hing. Kerr's hourly run: of pay it “6.90 per hunt. 2-33 LID 4. Peter Case is paid “336 [:I-erl'uam+ During the past merit. he wan-iced I“ haunt, and he is :I. cayerud empbyu: who must- In: paid Fer utertirne. Calculate hi: [trust pay using the overtime premium appruueh. 2-“ Ln 3, 4.. The inflating time eerd liilil'fl'fi the time wrhed nne Week hy Hui Cerenrn. The emplnyer disregards any time before 5:00 we. as: heaveen [HID and 1:00 1'41. and after 500 tut. Emplayufi tin not begin writ until 3:00 Let. er 1:00 11.31.. and do not war]: beyond 5:00 t'.M.. 1min: they are ashrd n:- Groes pay ..................... 5 I. Kerr’s m'ertime 511131155 lint til: willie .................. § It: Kerr's total teaming: Eur the wit are ................ . . S I. Regular pay {44 Loan} ....... 5 III. Overtime premium pay ...... I. firm: pay ................. S warlt nvetfime. Hflul'i Inthed beyond Till: regular lithnur day and on Samrday are paid at an: and one-half times the regular rate. Hours writerl en Sunday ere Paid double the resale: rate. Flaethmt ol' the ham In: time Wbl'kflli are based on Full quarterthnur increments. ‘ 12.009 teenage [JD-mil! .51! In Reserved. Mméheepied. scanned. I31" dupllgenhiiiitafllhnle er in purl. Llupyr:g]illut.l r1‘Ir:!u.i:h.'-1| ...
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