PHILO-101 Lecture Notes--Table of Con...

PHILO-101 Lecture Notes--Table of Con... - Enlightenment-56...

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PHILO-101 Lecture Notes--Table of Contents What is Philosophy-1 Worldviews-2 Metaphysics-4 Epistemology-4 Ethics-5 Aesthetics-6 Ethical Egoism-7 Philosophy of Religion-8 Problem of Evil-9 Deduction-10 Induction-11 Dualism-12 Determinism and Free Will-13 Naturalism-14 Atheism-15 Eastern Religions-16 Pre-Socratic Philosophy-17 Thales-18 Pythagoras-18 Confucius-19 Daoism-20 Empedocles-21 The Sophists-22 Relativism-23 Socrates-24 Plato-25 Plato's Theory of Forms-27 Nomanism and Realism-28 Aristotle-29 Universals-30 Cosmological Argument-31 Epicureanism-31 Stoicism-32 Hedonism-33 Christianity-34 Neo-Platonism/Plotinus-35 St. Augustine-36 Just War-38 Theodicy-39 Boethius-40 Scholasticism-41 Anselm-42 Renaissance-43 Humanism-44 Ontological Argument-45 St. Thomas Aquinas-45 William of Ockham-47 Niccolo Machiavelli-48 Francis Bacon-49 Deism-50 Rene Descartes-51 Solipsism-53
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A Priori/A Posteriori-54 Thomas Hobbes-55 Pascal's Wager-55
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Unformatted text preview: Enlightenment-56 Baruch Spinoza-58 Pantheism-59 John Locke-59 Gottfried Wilhem Leibniz-60 George Berkeley-61 Idealism-62 Feminism-63 Teleological Argument-64 David Hume-64 Empiricism-65 Jean-Jacques Rousseau-66 Immanuel Kant-67 Kantian Ethics-68 Categorical Imparerative-69 Agnosticism-70 Friedrich Schkeiermacher-71 Georg W.F. Hegel-72 Arthur Schopenhauer-73 Romanticism-75 Ludwig Feuerbach-75 Utilitarianism-76 John Stuart Mill-77 Soren Kierkegaard-78 Existentialism-79 Karl Marx-80 Pragmatism-82 Evolution-83 Friedrich Nietzsche-83 Nihilism-85 Sigmund Freud-85 Bertrand Russell-86 Ludwig Wittgenstein-87 Logical Positivism-88 Emotivism-90 Karl Popper-90 Jean-Paul Sartre-91 Ayn Rand-92 Simone de Beauvoir-93 Phenomenology-94 John Rawls-95 John Hick-96 Jacques Derrida-97 Pluralism-98 Postmodernism-99...
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PHILO-101 Lecture Notes--Table of Con... - Enlightenment-56...

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