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Unformatted text preview: Physics 7 B Midterm Review Gabriel Wong 1. In place of pressure and volume, we can use Temperature and Entropy to specify the state of a gas. Plot the Carnot cycle on the T- S plane. a.) What does the area inside the curve represent b.) What region of the T-S plane corresponding to the heat input? c.) Based on a.) and b.) , explain why the Carnot engine achieves the maximum efficiency of any reversible engine 2. A gas of N particles has a velocity distribution given by f(v) = C v^2 for v smaller than 10 m/s and f (v) = 0 for v bigger than 10 m/s. a.) Find the mean speed of the particles b.) Find the rms speed of the particles 3. An air bubble of volume V forms at the bottom of a lake of depth 30 m. Suppose the water pressure at the bottom of the lake is 1.5 atm and the Temperature is 4 C. Givenwater pressure at the bottom of the lake is 1....
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