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Fa08-MT2-SatRev1-Probs - If a fifth point charge –q is...

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Physics 7B Midterm 2 Review Sun April 3 1) Two parallel square plates of side L are placed a distance d apart. The space between the plates is half filled with a dielectric with the separation between the dielectric and the vacuum along a diagonal between the two plates. Find the capacitance of this arrangement. (The dielectric has dielectric constant K) 2) Consider the following arrangement of concentric spheres. The inner sphere is a conductor with a radius R 1 . Between R 1 and R 2 is a vacuum. Between R 2 and R 3 is a dielectric (K). Find the capacitance and the energy of this arrangement. 3) Four point charges Q are arranged to form a square of side L in the z=0 plane.
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Unformatted text preview: If a fifth point charge –q is placed a distance z above the midpoint of the square what will be the force on it. If z<<L show that the negative charge will undergo SHM and find the frequency of oscillations. Assume that the charges forming the square are fixed in place. 4) Consider a infinite cylinder of radius R and uniform charge density ρ with the axis of the cylinder aligned along the x axis. A sphere of radius R/2 centered at the origin is cut out of the cylinder. Find the electric field everywhere. How much energy would it take to bring a charge Q from the point (x,y,z)=(2R, 3R,0) to the point (x,y,z)=(2R,R,0)?...
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