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4-2-08 - Horseradish can cause false positives • Luminal...

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4/2/08 People with A blood account for 42% B blood 12% O blood 42% AB blood 3% Subgroups M 30% N 27% MN 43% Electrophoresis Similar to thin layer chromatography but using electricity PGM variance PGM 2-1 36% PGM 2+1+ 25% PGM 2-1+ 4% PGM 2-1- 2% When blood is discovered what is the first think to determine Is it human or animal? Is it blood? Perform chemical tests to determine Benzidine Phenolpthalein
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Turn pink color if in contact with blood
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Unformatted text preview: Horseradish can cause false positives • Luminal • Takayama tischmen ♦ Micro crystal test Precipitin test Immunoassay Take human blood inject into rabbits then take blood mixture and see the blood separate Secreter 80% of population are secreters Can type almost any fluid from the body EMIT Enzyme multiple immunoacitin technique 85% accurate TDX Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 99.9% accurate...
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