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Chem 135 Study Outline for Exam I F2009

Chem 135 Study Outline for Exam I F2009 - Chem 135 Study...

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Chem 135: Study Outline for Exam I The following outline lists the concepts and tools that I hope you will retain from this portion of the class. The exam questions will test some of the topics that are listed and will be based on the lecture notes. The exam will be held in 120 Latimer Hall from 9:10 to 10:00 on Monday, Sept. 21st. 1. Basic cellular anatomy a. Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes b. Basic description of a bacterial cell (e.g. organization and characteristics of genomic DNA, basic membrane structure, overall size, and lack of nucleus and organelles). Be able to provide a reasonable sketch. c. Basic description of a eukaryotic cell (e.g. general location and function of organelles, genome organization, and size) d. The Central Dogma (DNA RNA Proteins) - just the general outline for now 2. Amino acids a. Be able to draw all side chains (pay attention to stereochemistry!) b. Know the three letter abbreviations and the one letter codes c. Know organization by side chain property (e.g. hydrophobic aromatic, polar uncharged, etc.). Note that for the purposes of this class, we will follow the organization on the structural chart that I gave you, not the “hydropathy index”.
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