Lab #1 Magtrieve Oxidation - Atif Saleem, ID # 19546129,...

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Atif Saleem, ID # 19546129, 02-02-2009, Section 101, GSI: Jason Hudak Chemistry 3BL Lab # 1: Magtrieve Oxidation Introduction: The purpose of the Magtrieve Oxidation lab is to use a reagent, Magtrieve, to oxidize a primary alcohol into an aldehyde without using a solvent, or solvent work-up. Without using a solvent, the product is able to be recycled and the reagents are added together in a dry manner. When 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol is added to magtrieve, crystals of 4-chlorobenzaldehyde product are formed in a closed and cooled system. After this product is formed, it is analyzed using thin layer chromatography, and it’s melting point range is recorded. Discussion: Magtrieve Oxidation trickles off of the basic chromium reagent based oxidation. These chromium reagents, when reacted with alcohols can give aldehydes and ketons because chromium has a high oxidation state. After running into the problem of overoxidation when trying to react the chromium reagent with a primary alcohol, PCC was discovered and it implemented itself as a “water-free” form of chromium. Not only can PCC react with primary alcohols, it can also react with secondary alcohols because the non acidic reaction minimizes side reactions. The following is an example of PCC oxidation,
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Lab #1 Magtrieve Oxidation - Atif Saleem, ID # 19546129,...

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