Lab #4 Friedel Crafts

Lab #4 Friedel Crafts - Atif Saleem, ID# 19546129,...

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Atif Saleem, ID# 19546129, 03-16-2009, Section 101, GSI: Jason Hudak Chemistry 3BL Lab Report #4: The Friedel Crafts Reaction Introduction: The purpose of the Friedel Crafts reaction is to combine biphenyl with various sources of aluminum chloride to yield a product. The structure of this product is to be determined using the Friedel Crafts mechanism and detailed structure/regioselectivity is to be examined using NMR spectroscopic data provided. In order to create this product it will be necessary to undergo several reactions including 1) biphenyl and dichloromethane 2) adding in tert-butyl chloride and aluminum foil, and 3) extracting the product from an ethanol based solution. The combinations of these steps yields our final product. Discussion: The starting reagents in today’s lab are biphenyl, dichloromethane, tert-butyl chloride, and Al Cl3 . Our source of Al Cl3 is from aluminum foil and tert-butyl chloride from which trace amounts of HCl combine with the aluminum foil to create Al Cl3 . Al Cl3 is the Lewis Acid because it has an empty p orbital that is able to react with lone pairs. . As this chlorine bonds to the Al Cl3 , it’s previous tert-butyl substrate becomes electrophilic due to formation of a carbocation. At this point, any nucleophile can
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Lab #4 Friedel Crafts - Atif Saleem, ID# 19546129,...

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